PageScope Mobile for iPhone/iPad 3.11

[Features]*Print Function- Print documents in "My Documents" folder.This feature will allow you to print saved documents.- Supports Authentication and Secure Print to provide you with a moreSecure printing environment.- MailMail texts and ...

PageScope Mobile for iPhone/iPad 3.11

*Print Function
- Print documents in "My Documents" folder.
This feature will allow you to print saved documents.
- Supports Authentication and Secure Print to provide you with a more
Secure printing environment.
- Mail
Mail texts and attachments can be printed.
- Web Browser
Displayed Web pages can be printed. Also allow you to save web pages as
PDF files into My Documents.
- Camera (only for iPhone and iPod touch)
Pictures that have been taken using the camera function can be saved
into Photo albums. This feature will also allow you to print the images
that have been saved into Photo albums.

*Scan Function
Data that has been scanned from printing devices, etc. can be saved into
My Documents.

*Online Storage Support
- Documents that have been saved in online storage can be printed.
Documents and scanned data can be uploaded to the online storage.
- The cloud service supported: GoogleDrive, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox,
MS Office365, File Server

*My Documents, File Operation
- A variety of documents can be saved and managed.
- ZIP files can be decompressed and saved into My Documents.
- Encrypted PDF files can be displayed and printed.

Please reference the Help screen for the details of other features.

[Supported Models]
bizhub C754e/C654e
bizhub C754/C654
bizhub C554e/C454e/C364e/C284e/C224e
bizhub C554/C454/C364/C284/C224
bizhub C652DS/C552DS
bizhub C652/C552/C452
bizhub C650/C550/C451
bizhub C360/C280/C220
bizhub C353/C253/C203
bizhub C35/C35P
bizhub C25/C20/C20P
bizhub PRO C6000L + IC-601
magicolor 4750EN/4750DN
bizhub 754/654
bizhub 652/602/552/502
bizhub 423/363/283/223
bizhub 751/601
bizhub 361/421/501
bizhub 36/42
bizhub 40P
bizhub PRO 951
bizhub 4700P/4000P/3300P

(some devices may not be available in your area)
*1 Please note that you may encounter limitations or you may need to
upgrade. For more information, please refer to the FAQ.

[Supported Formats for Print/Preview Functions]
PDF 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7, Compact PDF, Encrypted PDF
TIFF 6.0 (Zipped color TIFFs for Print functions only)
XPS ( for Print)
C754(e)/C654(e)/C554(e)/C454(e)/C364(e)/C284(e)/C224(e) Only)
DOC/XLS /PPT (Only for Previewing functions)

- You must have Wi-Fi.
- You will be charged a separate connection fee.
- There may be occasions when large-sized files cannot be displayed.
- There may be occasions when large-sized mail messages cannot be displayed.
- Files that are created in incompatible file formats are not supported
(MS-Office documents such as DOC, XLS, PPT, Encrypted PDF (256-bit AES),
Color TIFF, XPS, etc.)
- The application may be terminated when a large-sized file is opened.
- iTunes may not work properly if you use MFPs and Printers that are not
officially supported.
- SSL Connection settings in the MFP"s WebDAV Connections must be turned
OFF when reading scanned data.
- If the resolution of the scanned data is high, the behavior of the
preview function may become unstable. To stabilize its behavior, scan
using the default resolution.
- Depending on the web page layout, the function to print the entire web
page may not work properly.
- A significant amount of memory is required to print an entire web
page, HTML mail and Emails that contain characters written in languages
other than Latin. Therefore, there may be times when these print jobs
cannot be printed due to the memory state of device.

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